Gold; falling from the heartbeat of this girl.
I live to love. I love to live. I want to leave a permanent footprint on this earth, rather than to safely float through life in mere existence. I want the melody of my heart beating for those around me to be the soundtrack of my life.

I'm an unconventional, free-spirited dreamer, with quite a case of wanderlust; enamored with painting pictures with words, music that pauses reality, spontaneous adventures, and nature.

These are my thoughts, in visual and written form.

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    Cycling around the World with @roblutter

    In 2011, Rob Lutter (@roblutter) said goodbye to his family, friends and life in London and set off on a 30,000 km cycling tour around the world. He took only a tent, bike, SLR camera and iPhone with him.

    Four months later while hiding from a cold winter in a Turkish hostel, Rob discovered Instagram. “Until that point I’d been shooting only on my Canon. I’d missed so many shots because I was too slow to grab the SLR or because the subject was gone before I could get it out,” he says. “As I waited for spring in that hostel, with thousands of photos to go through, I realised that it was going to take a seriously long time to get these pictures out to people. Then I came across Instagram.”

    When spring came and Rob hit the road again, he began using Instagram to share scenes from his travels. He biked out of Europe, across the Middle East, up and over the Himalayas, and through the deserts of Western China. During the hardest parts of his journey, Rob says the Instagram community helped him make it through. “The support from people around the world was incredible. Messages of encouragement would arrive every other day and there were times when I’d cycle longer and further just to reach a town in an attempt to get some Wi-Fi, to connect to Instagram! It became a positive obsession of mine.”

    Two years into his journey, Rob has cycled over 15,000 km, crossed 21 borders, and raised £2000 for Water Aid. He’s now in Hong Kong preparing to head to Australia for the next leg of the trip. To tune into the rest of his journey, be sure to follow him on Instagram @roblutter and visit his website.


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