Gold; falling from the heartbeat of this girl.
I live to love. I love to live. I want to leave a permanent footprint on this earth, rather than to safely float through life in mere existence. I want the melody of my heart beating for those around me to be the soundtrack of my life.

I'm an unconventional, free-spirited dreamer, with quite a case of wanderlust; enamored with painting pictures with words, music that pauses reality, spontaneous adventures, and nature.

These are my thoughts, in visual and written form.

    14 / 11 / 12

    Off the Grid.

    “There are growing number of people 
    who have decided to live light on the earth
    to not be a part of problem anymore
    I spent the last few years with four of them 
    striving for harmony with nature 
    in the most pristine corners of United States.”

    Eric Valli, Off the Grid.

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      That first picture is god damn beautiful. I’d just like to say that the clothes and tools these people off the grid are...
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      Interesting. I love camping and the outdoors, we probably spend 5 or 6 weekends a year camping or hiking, but to live...
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